Pumpkin Wedding

It’s nearly Halloween so of course the Bride & Groom wanted a pumpkin wedding cake Congratulations guys! Have an absolutely superb celebration . Base tier is a four layered chocolate orange cake with chocolate orange... More

Golden wedding cake

Handpainted golden beauty , for her mother's birthday, my client wanted to represent flowers from her garden and her love of garden birds. 3 Yummy tiers of Lemon & Elderflower cake handpainted with cocoa butter... More

Lemon wedding

Congratulations Leah & Stuart! What a pleasure to create this classic beauty. 3 tiers of traditional fruit cake, luscious lemon cake with homemade lemon curd and lemon buttercream, and classic vanilla with raspberry jam and... More

Silver Wedding Cake

Stunning 4 tier Silver & White Classical Showstopper Congratulations to the Happy Couple! Spiced Carrot Cake, Red velvet & Lucious Lemon. Decorated with edible Silver Leaf and handmade white roses and Eucalyptus foliage xxx

Orchardleigh Naked wedding cake

What a romantic cake Fours tiered of semi naked buttercream finished sponge decorated with pinks and greens, congratulations to the beautiful couple xxx

pink wedding cake

Romance was in the air this weekend! I absolutely loved creating this beauty Base tier Raspberry and white chocolate cake, middle tier gorgeous vanilla, and top tier rich chocolate cake. Congratulations guys xxx

Octopus Wedding

Who’d like something a bit different for a wedding cake?….like a glamorous beach wedding cake with lots of texture..ooh and maybe an octopus? I had a blast creating this decadent gilded beauty for Sugar Street... More

Bride and Groom

Congratulations guys! I absolutely loved creating this personalised Wedding Cake topper for this beautiful family xx

Peonies and Protea Flowers

Congratulations Tom & Simone! Loved making this 3 tier beauty for you both Top tier Moist Rum cake, middle tier Black velvet and base tier Lemon gorgeousness. Decorated with handcrafted sugar Burgundy peonies and a... More

Five Tiers, Roses and Lights

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hewitt , this cake was such a pleasure to create for one of my closest friends. 5 tiers including Salted Caramel, Lemon, and traditional fruit (Made by the brides lovely mum).... More

Ombre Roses

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jacobs! I just love this Classic design with lovely ombre roses Red Velvet top tier, Rich Chocolate middle tier and gorgeous vanilla base tier with jam & luscious buttercream xx

Bark, Floral with Sparkle

Congratulations Liam & Sarah! this cake was a joy to create Thank you for asking me Salted Caramel base tier, Lemon middle tier, and a dark chocolate top tier. Sugar driftwood, Damask royal icing and... More

Pink and Grey Wedding

So thrilled to be making Wedding cakes again I’m in love with this 4 tiered beauty, luscious lemon cake, traditional fruit cake, and gorgeous vanilla with raspberry filling Congratulations guys, enjoy your lovely day xxx

Rainbow Wedding and Roses

Congratulations guys! Just a gorgeous small wedding celebration 2 tiers decorated with sugar ruffles and fresh flowers, hiding a rainbow cake filled with white chocolate ganache . Bride and Groom topper provided by the bride... More

Two Cows Topper

Congratulations to the happy couple! I absolutely loved making this mootastic wedding cake topper xx

Dried Floral Wedding Cake

Congratulations Laura & Guy! Celebrating their 50th birthdays and having a small celebration on what would have been their special wedding day ❤️ roll on 2022 guys! Xx

Rustic Wedding Cake

 🤍 with Birch bark effect with handmade sugar flowers, birds and romantic Graffiti 🤍 design provided by the bride 😊😊, congratulations guys xxx

Pearls and Ruffles

Congratulations Sam & Kev! I was so happy to create this classic look using blush pink, edible pearls and ruffles, Sam had commissioned an artist to make their lovely personalised topper xxx

Engagement Joy

Engagement Joy! Congratulations Pete & Erin! 3 tiers of Chocky Mocha cake with Cafe Latte buttercream, decorated with wafer paper love poetry, edible silver leaf, edible photo and frame of the happy couple, and sugarpaste... More

Guinea Pig Wedding

Guinea Pig Cuteness overload! Joint Happy 40th Birthday & Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary Cake. 4 layers of naughty choc cake sandwiched with chocky buttercream. Decorated with sculpted chocky Guinea pigs xxx

Hand Painted

A hand painted cake with sugarpaste roses makes a stunning focal point to your wedding

Roses and Swags

With sugarpaste roses, swags and feathers this cake ties the themes together well

Birch Tree

Birch Tree Wedding Cake top tier classic fruit, middle tier Luscious Lemon, Base tier Dark chocolate fudge cake. Decorated with handmade sugar flowers and seasonal nuts & berries. Nicole & James requested the family Golden... More

Seven Tier Silver

7 Tier Wedding Cake!! Jennylicious’s largest cake to date! Tiers included chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, carrot, and traditional fruit cake. Decorated in shimmering lustre, edible silvers, handmade sugar flowers and handpiped silver Monogram specially designed... More

Golden Drip and Roses

Golden drip Wedding Cake 4 tiers covered in hand painted ombre white chocolate ganache, decorated with handmade sugar roses, and a rose ruffle base. Flavours included Salted caramel, coffee, Lemon and classic vanilla xx

Semi Naked with Fresh Flowers

Congratulations Lauren & Alex! 4 tiered Semi naked cake with silver drip and fresh flowers. Base tier - 4 layered chocolate cake sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache and chambord soaked raspberries, 2nd tier - 4... More

Wedding Hydrangeas

Wedding Cake with Hydrangeas Congratulations Charlotte & Dean! 3 tiers (base tier chocolate with chocolate ganache, middle tier vanilla and top tier coffee) all covered in shimmering sugarpaste and sugar flowers to match the bouquet... More

Sunflower Birthday

Sunflower Birthday Cake Happy Birthday Rae! 2 tiers of yummy Chocolate cake decorated with sugarpaste Bark and sugar sunflowers xx

Rainbow LoveHearts

Rainbow LoveHeart Wedding Cake 4 tiers of scrummy cake decorated with soft sugarpaste roses xx

Golden Anniversary

Golden Wedding Combination of Gluten free 4 layered coffee & salted caramel & 4 layered lemon cake with lemon curd & lemon buttercream, handmade sugar peonies, royal iced details and hand painted sugarpaste Birch tree... More

Romantic Flowers

Valentines Wedding Cake Driftwood Sugarpaste base tier, Damask effect Royal icing middle tier, finished with Sugar roses,Peony and Cherry Blossom xxx