Black Spiderman

Happy Birthday Logan! 5 today! enjoy your scrummy chocolate Black Spiderman xxx

Farmer’s Cake

Farmers cake Happy Birthday Bradley, 18 today! 3 layers of yummy vanilla cake covered in sugar straw, and handmade chocolate Bradley with his lovely little pup xxx

Winter Fairy

❄️ I’m completely in love, I enjoyed every minute of creating her 🤍 She has been decorated with modelling chocolate, ‘The Sugarpaste’ and lots of edible glitters, and metallic edible paints ❄️, Happy Christmas everyone!... More

Gamer Cake

Gamer 40th Birthday Cake Happy Birthday Mark! Carved Lemon Cake Leather Sofa, with Cake pop cushions, (Marks wife sent me a photo of their couch ) with a model of the Birthday boy himself! Xx

Family walking

Family Walking Theme Happy Birthday Sarah! Welcome to the best decade Handmodelled Sarah, Noel, their young son and beloved Dog sitting atop the 4 layered Lemon cake with edible soil &chocolate rocks. The cake was... More

Local Pub

Pub Cake! Happy 70th Birthday Dave! 4 layered Gluten free chocolate cake filled with yummy chocolate buttercream. Everything is edible including the sticky carpet! Notice the pub photo on the wall..the cake was inspired by... More

Gundog Trainer of the Year 2019

Congratulations Tracey! ‘UK Gundog Trainer of the Year 2019’ This was a mammoth cake!! 12 doggies all with individual behaviour traits, Tracey herself, her trophy, banner and pictures of 3 doggies sadly no longer with... More


Congratulations Imogen! Graduating with a 1st in Drama This is a 4 layered cake covered in hand modelled decorations and a handmade Imogen! For those who ask about cake process I’ve included my initial sketch... More