Pink Gin

Its pink its gin..its gin and pink...its a pink gin cake 4 layers of moist chocky cake love making sugar roses and sugar sails, finished with chocolate truffles and pink chocolate drip xx

Winter Fairy

❄️ I’m completely in love, I enjoyed every minute of creating her 🤍 She has been decorated with modelling chocolate, ‘The Sugarpaste’ and lots of edible glitters, and metallic edible paints ❄️, Happy Christmas everyone!... More

Retirement Showstopper

Happy Retirement! And Happy 65th Birthday! Time for golf, reading, walking and horse races! Lots of fun Hand modelling all the decorations xx

Cheese Pasta Cake

Cheese Pasta anyone??... actually this is a 4 layered vanilla cake with raspberry jam & buttercream carved into an edible bowl decorated with white Chocolate pasta, sat on an edible checked tablecloth xx

Engagement Joy

Engagement Joy! Congratulations Pete & Erin! 3 tiers of Chocky Mocha cake with Cafe Latte buttercream, decorated with wafer paper love poetry, edible silver leaf, edible photo and frame of the happy couple, and sugarpaste... More

Seagull’s Rest

Seagulls Rest I loved making this for Cake Masters Magazine, I’ve included a few photos showing the decoration techniques I use for the majority of my cakes , the final photo is my kitchen table... More

Cocker Spaniel Gundog

Cocker Spaniel Gundog & Pheasant Cake 3 layered 10” Lemon cake filled with raspberry and buttercream , decorated with hand modelled chocolate doggie dressed in tweed with cartridge bag and gunslip, and Elegant Pheasant sat... More

Guinea Pig Wedding

Guinea Pig Cuteness overload! Joint Happy 40th Birthday & Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary Cake. 4 layers of naughty choc cake sandwiched with chocky buttercream. Decorated with sculpted chocky Guinea pigs xxx

Henry Hare

Happy Easter Everyone! Even though I am officially on lockdown I have decided to keep myself cake happy by still getting creative in my cake room, so here’s my Easter contribution , made from Rice... More

Gundog Trainer of the Year 2019

Congratulations Tracey! ‘UK Gundog Trainer of the Year 2019’ This was a mammoth cake!! 12 doggies all with individual behaviour traits, Tracey herself, her trophy, banner and pictures of 3 doggies sadly no longer with... More


Congratulations Imogen! Graduating with a 1st in Drama This is a 4 layered cake covered in hand modelled decorations and a handmade Imogen! For those who ask about cake process I’ve included my initial sketch... More

Romantic Flowers

Valentines Wedding Cake Driftwood Sugarpaste base tier, Damask effect Royal icing middle tier, finished with Sugar roses,Peony and Cherry Blossom xxx

Hunting Showstopper

Hunting Showstopper Cake Happy 70th Birthday Colonel. Commissioned as a centre piece for Birthday Celebrations this 2 foot high display cake features Handmade Chocolate Stags head, Partridge, Hunting dog, Salmon and cartidge belt xx