Handbag and shoes

Happy 40th Katie! A Louboutiñ fan maybe? lemon cake layered handbag with a sugar shoe x

Jack Russell/Westie

Happy 60th birthday Lee! 4 layers of lemon cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream, topped with a chocolate Jack Russell/Westie cross , edible blanket and yummy tennis ball! X

Lisa aboard

Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Lisa! Gorgeously rich 4 layered chocolate cake topped with a chocolate lisa and edible print of Michael Ball

Millennium Falcon

Happy 40th Birthday! I absolutely love a Sci-fi cake, 4 layered yummy vanilla cake with jam and buttercream decorated with an edible Millennium Falcon, May the 40th be with you xxx

Rainbow Wedding and Roses

Congratulations guys! Just a gorgeous small wedding celebration 2 tiers decorated with sugar ruffles and fresh flowers, hiding a rainbow cake filled with white chocolate ganache . Bride and Groom topper provided by the bride... More

Robin and Seeds

Happy Birthday Mark! Yummy carved chocolate cake decorated as a terracotta pot with edible garden fork, robin, chocolate soil, sugar gravel and edible personalised seed packets xx

Two Cows Topper

Congratulations to the happy couple! I absolutely loved making this mootastic wedding cake topper xx

Pink Gin

Its pink its gin..its gin and pink...its a pink gin cake 4 layers of moist chocky cake love making sugar roses and sugar sails, finished with chocolate truffles and pink chocolate drip xx

Butterfly pug

So excited to show you my Pug! To celebrate Sir David Attenborough's 95th Birthday, 57 sugar artists from all over the world came together to pay tribute to his work and personality! So thrilled to... More

Farmer’s Cake

Farmers cake Happy Birthday Bradley, 18 today! 3 layers of yummy vanilla cake covered in sugar straw, and handmade chocolate Bradley with his lovely little pup xxx

Anime Lover

Graphic Art Birthday Cake! Happy Birthday Matt 4 layered yummy chocolate cake decorated with edible handpainted images and a wafer paper cartoon strip. Love doing something a bit different

Tractor action

Happy 18th Birthday Jack! 4 layers of yummy vanilla cake filled with jam and buttercream decorated with a classic tractor made from chocolate xx


Happy Birthday Daniel! Enjoy your Pheasantastic cake , decorated with handmade chocolate pheasant sat atop a sticky dark ginger cake, the gunslip is carved from a yummy dark chocolate cake xx

Spring Garden in a Jug

Happy 70th Birthday Mum What a lovely little get together we had yesterday, well done Dad for a superb lunch! When I arrived with this jug and floral display Mum didn’t realise it was a... More

Elsa Cake

Elsa cake 5 layers of yummy vanilla cake with Jam & buttercream, decorated with a handmade Edible Elsa, and glittery shiny loveliness! Happy 5th Birthday Beau xxx

Simnel Cake

8” traditional Simnel cake (Light fruit cake with a layer of marzipan inside), the cake is covered in Marzipan and decorated with a sugarpaste wreath design. Happy Easter everyone! Xxxx

Blue Tit

Spring is on the way I loved painting this little beauty this afternoon. Blue-tits are so beautiful in our garden at the moment and the blossoms are starting to come out. Xx

Peter Rabbit

Beatrice’s Peter Rabbit 2nd Birthday Cake This fully decorated cake was posted from Wiltshire to North Yorkshire! I’m undecided whether I’ll do it again though, very nervous 24hrs! 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake decorated... More

Covid Birthday

😲 Happy Birthday Karen ❤️ yummy lemon cake filled with lemon buttercream and lemon curd decorated with chocolate virus! Xx

Chocolate & Whiskey Explosion!

Chocolate & Whiskey Explosion! Happy 30th Birthday Lewis 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake decoarated with Shiny Black chocolate ganache, gold, black and white chocolate drip, a personalised gold acrylic topper and lots of fabulous... More

Stallion Cake

Stallion Cake 4 layers of rich chocolate cake decorated with a chocolate horse bust, edible fabric rosette and blanket and sugar carrots xx

Pink Pegasus

Pink Pegasus Unicorn loveliness 🤍 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, decorated with a chocolate unicorn with edible wafer wings xx

‘Blue Hedgehog’

4 yummy layers of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered in chocolate ganache and a handmodelled ‘speedy coin collecting hedgehog’ ❤️ xx

Cockapoo Pup

Cockapoo Puppy in a Basket ❤️ 4 layers of vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, decorated with a hand-modelled cockapoo, edible blanket and ball x

Pink Roses and Gin

Happy 70th Birthday to this gorgeous lady ❤️ 4 layered vanilla cake decorated with sugar roses, Glass and a cheeky bottle on gin! Xx

‘Robin Redbreast’

60th Birthday celebrations 🥰, Classic fruit cake featuring a chubby handmade chocolate robin perching on a rustic cake log decorated with edible moss and sugar carnations (the birthday girls favourite).

Baby Yoda!

I was so excited to make this little guy ❤️ Sat on a traditional fruit cake decorated with silver marbling and edible silver leaf, baby yoda has been handcrafted from Rice Cereal, marshmallow and Chocolate,... More

‘Bunny in a basket’

Happy 1st Birthday Eloise 🐇 4 layers of yummy lemon cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream 🍋 decorated with sugar flowers, sugarpaste basketry and a hand modelled chocolate bunny xx

‘Cupid Kitty’

‘Cupid Kitty’ is wishing you all a lovely Lockdown Valentines Day! ❤️ if you want to see him being made please follow the link below https://youtu.be/TdrccxLi8nk

Winged Dragon

Happy Birthday Amelia! Who wanted a pink girly dragon sat on a rock ❤️, the rock is a 4 layered vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, the dragon is made using Rice Crispy modelling with... More

Spurs Cake

Happy 21st Birthday George! Can you guess he’s a Spurs supporter? Enjoy the cake and the yummy football! Xx

Dried Floral Wedding Cake

Congratulations Laura & Guy! Celebrating their 50th birthdays and having a small celebration on what would have been their special wedding day ❤️ roll on 2022 guys! Xx


Scary teeth - a carved cake velociraptor. Happy birthday Bobby

Eliza the Mermaid

🤍 Happy 6th Birthday! 4 layers of rich chocky cake decorated with sugarpaste waves, and a beautiful chocolate mermaid xxx

Silver Anniversary

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary 🍾 It may be a smaller celebration than expected but a cake is going to make it special ❤️ 4 layered vanilla and chocolate cake decorated with edible photo of the... More

AC/DC caketastic!

🤟🏻Happy birthday Freddie! This cake made me smile 😄 topped with a hand-modelled chocky hand and airbrushed sides xx

MotoCross / Moon & Me

Double sided cake for a Joint Birthday Celebration ❤️ Happy Birthday Grace & Casey! 4 layers of chocolate and salted caramel cake, decorated with a rice Crispy motocross helmet on one side, and the moon... More