Farmer’s Cake

Farmers cake Happy Birthday Bradley, 18 today! 3 layers of yummy vanilla cake covered in sugar straw, and handmade chocolate Bradley with his lovely little pup xxx

Anime Lover

Graphic Art Birthday Cake! Happy Birthday Matt 4 layered yummy chocolate cake decorated with edible handpainted images and a wafer paper cartoon strip. Love doing something a bit different

Tractor action

Happy 18th Birthday Jack! 4 layers of yummy vanilla cake filled with jam and buttercream decorated with a classic tractor made from chocolate xx


Happy Birthday Daniel! Enjoy your Pheasantastic cake , decorated with handmade chocolate pheasant sat atop a sticky dark ginger cake, the gunslip is carved from a yummy dark chocolate cake xx

Spring Garden in a Jug

Happy 70th Birthday Mum What a lovely little get together we had yesterday, well done Dad for a superb lunch! When I arrived with this jug and floral display Mum didn’t realise it was a... More

Covid Birthday

😲 Happy Birthday Karen ❤️ yummy lemon cake filled with lemon buttercream and lemon curd decorated with chocolate virus! Xx

Chocolate & Whiskey Explosion!

Chocolate & Whiskey Explosion! Happy 30th Birthday Lewis 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake decoarated with Shiny Black chocolate ganache, gold, black and white chocolate drip, a personalised gold acrylic topper and lots of fabulous... More

Stallion Cake

Stallion Cake 4 layers of rich chocolate cake decorated with a chocolate horse bust, edible fabric rosette and blanket and sugar carrots xx

Pink Pegasus

Pink Pegasus Unicorn loveliness 🤍 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, decorated with a chocolate unicorn with edible wafer wings xx

Cockapoo Pup

Cockapoo Puppy in a Basket ❤️ 4 layers of vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, decorated with a hand-modelled cockapoo, edible blanket and ball x

Pink Roses and Gin

Happy 70th Birthday to this gorgeous lady ❤️ 4 layered vanilla cake decorated with sugar roses, Glass and a cheeky bottle on gin! Xx

‘Robin Redbreast’

60th Birthday celebrations 🥰, Classic fruit cake featuring a chubby handmade chocolate robin perching on a rustic cake log decorated with edible moss and sugar carnations (the birthday girls favourite).

Baby Yoda!

I was so excited to make this little guy ❤️ Sat on a traditional fruit cake decorated with silver marbling and edible silver leaf, baby yoda has been handcrafted from Rice Cereal, marshmallow and Chocolate,... More

Spurs Cake

Happy 21st Birthday George! Can you guess he’s a Spurs supporter? Enjoy the cake and the yummy football! Xx

AC/DC caketastic!

🤟🏻Happy birthday Freddie! This cake made me smile 😄 topped with a hand-modelled chocky hand and airbrushed sides xx

New York, New York

Happy 21st Emily! Unfortunately a trip to New York for her birthday treat was cancelled due to travel restrictions 😢 hopefully this cake made up for some of the disappointment ❤️ 4 layers of vanilla... More


Toms Tonkinese Happy 30th Birthday! 4 layers of chocky cake decorated with an edible tartan blanket and hand modelled chocolate Tonkinese cat xx

Golf, Reading and Horse Races

Happy Retirement! And Happy 65th Birthday! Time for golf, reading, walking and horse races! Lots of fun Hand modelling all the decorations xx

Rhodesian Ridgebacks!

Happy 40th Birthday Anton! 4 layers of coffee cake with yummy coffee buttercream, decorated with 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks 🐾 I’m in love xx

Carp Cake

Carp Cake! Somethings a bit fishy?.. carved chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache. Happy birthday Harry! X

Cheese Pasta Cake

Cheese Pasta anyone??... actually this is a 4 layered vanilla cake with raspberry jam & buttercream carved into an edible bowl decorated with white Chocolate pasta, sat on an edible checked tablecloth xx

Pheasant Love

Pheasant love Happy Birthday Andrew! 4 layers of vanilla fudge and jam cake decorated with handmodelled chocolate pheasant and gunslip xx

Gamer Cake

Gamer 40th Birthday Cake Happy Birthday Mark! Carved Lemon Cake Leather Sofa, with Cake pop cushions, (Marks wife sent me a photo of their couch ) with a model of the Birthday boy himself! Xx

Chihuahua Cake

Chihuahua Cake Happy 18th Birthday Ruby! Carved Chocolate & milkshake buttercream doggie with Cake pop pillows, and a Rice Crispy Acorn Significant to the birthday girl xxx

Vegetable Box

Vegetable Box Cake 4 layered Gluten free chocolate cake decorated with handmade chocolate vegetables! Happy 70th Birthday Dad! Xx

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Topsy Turvy Cake Happy 65th Birthday! 3 tiers of Gluten free Cherry Bakewell and white chocolate ganache cake decorated with Handmade chocolate themed decorations xx

Trainer Cake

Happy birthday Sharon, a keen runner and brass bander, Happy 40th

Garden Flowers

Garden Birthday Cake Happy 30th Joanna! Wicker decorated plant pot, terracotta tile base board, Sugar Flowers and garden fork . 4 layers of rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate honeycomb and chocolate ganache filling xx

Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon 50th Birthday Cake Handmade spaceship using Chocolate & RKT (rice crispy marshmallow mix ), edible airbrushed galaxy effect cakes with handpainted details x


Trumpet Cake Happy 60th Birthday Mark! 4 layered Chocolate cake decorated with handmade Trumpet and edible poster, Mark performed with the stage show of Starlight express (poster sneakily sent by Marks wife ) xx

Family walking

Family Walking Theme Happy Birthday Sarah! Welcome to the best decade Handmodelled Sarah, Noel, their young son and beloved Dog sitting atop the 4 layered Lemon cake with edible soil &chocolate rocks. The cake was... More


Fairy cake 4 layered chocolate cake decorated with handmodelled Blue Fairy, mushrooms and birch log style cake covering, I’m in love with her rose petal crown

Floral Teapot

Teapot Floral extravaganza Black forest Gateau Cake with rich chocolate cake, black cherry jam and buttercream with fresh cherries soaked in kirsch Decorated with handmade sugarflowers and Brushwork Embroidery effects. X

Cocker Spaniel Gundog

Cocker Spaniel Gundog & Pheasant Cake 3 layered 10” Lemon cake filled with raspberry and buttercream , decorated with hand modelled chocolate doggie dressed in tweed with cartridge bag and gunslip, and Elegant Pheasant sat... More

Garden Cake

Garden Cakey goodness! 3 layers of yummy cake with vanilla velvet buttercream and raspberry jam, decorated with handmade sugar shed, bench, wellies, spade, watering can, get the idea! Xxx

Dennis the Dog!

Dennis the Dog! Happy 18th Birthday Lauren, carved Chocolate cake with chocolate milkshake buttercream xx

Sleepy Boxer

Boxer Cake Happy 50th Birthday Mark! All carved from Rich chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, decorated with edible blanket xx

The Ring of Power…

The Ring of Power from the ‘Lord of the Rings’, Rich chocolate cake filled with Chocolate buttercream, topped with a handmade engraved Chocolate Ring .....happy birthday my precious..... xxx