Minion Cake

Kevin says ‘Happy Monday everyone !’….but obviously minions dont speak english…so..BANANA! Happy Birthday Archie! I hope you really enjoyed your carved minion cake xxx

Food Illusion

Cake? Or are they real??....Its cake!!!! all made from cakey good ness xx

Uncle Bulgaria

Uncle Bulgaria! I’m in love takes me right back to my childhood! Happy Birthday Brad 50 years young . Carved from layers of yummy lemon cake, filled with homemade lemon curd and lemon buttercream xx

Golden wedding cake

Handpainted golden beauty , for her mother's birthday, my client wanted to represent flowers from her garden and her love of garden birds. 3 Yummy tiers of Lemon & Elderflower cake handpainted with cocoa butter... More

Hog cake

‘Brenda the Pig!’ Carved from Lemon cake this beautiful porker just makes me smile with her cheeky half eaten apple (also cake)

American Football

American Football Helmet Cake anyone?? Happy Belated birthday Matt! 4 layers of yummy chocky cake with chocky buttercream, Matts supports the Detroit lions and Liverpool FC so here's a combination of the 2 xx

Clumber Spaniel

Happy 50th Birthday Helen! 4 layers of yummy lemon cake with homemade lemon curd and lemon buttercream. decorated with Hand modelled clumber-spaniel 'Daisy', handmade chocolate cartridge box and belt. Daisy cake got to meet Helens... More

Teapot cake

Time for Tea? Yummy lemon cake with homemade zesty lemon curd and yummy lemon buttercream decorated with handmade edible teapot and cup and hand modelled biscuits! (Nope those are not real biscuits) what a special... More

Police dog

Happy 16th Birthday Charlotte! Police dog handler of the future ello ello ello woof! Layers of salted caramel cake decorated with a chocolate pup xx

Beach Babe

Beach Babe! in all her glory unfortunately she's had her big toe nibbled by a crab! This stunning girl is carved from cake and decorated with modelling chocolate. If you would like to learn how... More


‘Claptrap!’ Yes thats the name of this game character from ‘Borderlands’ what a fun challenge, a carved lemon cake filled with homemade lemon curd and yummy lemon buttercream . Happy Birthday Hayden!

Vintage Sewing Machine

Happy 70th Birthday Heather! 1952 vintage sewing machine for the birthday girl….oh go on then! marvellously boozy fruit cake base with a fully edible chocolate machine! Yep Its all edible even the scissors, buttons, fabric,... More

Fortune Teller

“Cross my palm with Silver my dear….” Ive been so excited to show you all my contribution to the marvellous ‘Circus Collaboration’ hosted by Maria Magrat! I will post a link soon so that you... More

Mr Bean

Mr Bean is a cake! Carved out of yummy vanilla cake with jam & buttercream for this ecstatic 4 yr old

Cocker Spaniel

Loved making this Cocker spaniel for a special joint 70th birthday! Carved from many layers of yummy vanilla cake

Winnie the poo and Dr Who

Did someone say “Winnie the Who?”….or “Dr Poo ?”… Happy 50th Birthday Lou. Lets make a Carrot cake planet complete with a Dalek, Cyberman and Winnie popping out of the Tardis wearing Tom Bakers Fedora!... More

Robin on log

80th Birthday celebrations! 4 layered chocolate cake decorated as a rustic wooden log, with handmade sugar Clematis and a little chocolate robin xx

Grogu cake

Happy 7th Birthday Alexis! 4 layers of carved vanilla cake and buttercream (no jam as Alexis is not a fan) . The birthday girl has decided to keep little Yodas (Grogu) head xx

Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine 60th Birthday celebration cake layers of vanilla cake with jam and yummy buttercream carved into this completely edible creation xx

Topiary Cake

Topiary Showstopper cake! For a special ladies 70th Birthday yummy dark chocolate cake carved and covered in edible stone and moss finished with sugar flowers xx

Poll Sheep pheasant and Spaniels

Happy 30th Birthday! What a way to celebrate but with a 3 tiered showtopper, with a Pedigree Poll Dorset Sheep crafted from Chocolate wearing his very own woolly jumper , a handmade edible pheasant, and... More

DJ Deck

A Belated Happy Birthday to Dave the DJ! This enormous chocolate cake was a scale replica of Daves DJ decks fitted with very cool multicoloured lights! Xx

Mr Toad

Hello Mr Toad! Soo excited to show you this cake! Carved rich chocolate cake, decorated with edible news papers, teacup, and a modelled chocolate Mr Toad Happy 40th Birthday Ian x

Dodge Truck and Brothers

Happy 21st Birthday Eric! what a fun cake I was asked to create! This Gorgeous Dodge Truck was carved from vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, & Eric with his beloved guitar and brother


Happy 60th Birthday Owen! I hope you have grrrreat time at your roaring celebration today! I had a pawsome time creating this tiger All Carved cake from top to bottom covered in chocolate xxx

Cockapoo Cannon

Happy 50th Birthday Rich! This is Lyra the Cockapoo being fired from a Cannon , Rich is an Arsenal fan ( hence the cannon!) also featuring a light sabre, fishing rod and a pint of... More

Glam’ Bag & Shoes

Happy 40th Birthday Sarah! Feeling very Glamorous just looking at this cake, sugar shoe, chocolate handbag, edible lippy and nailvarnish, sugar roses beads and edible lace…Girly to the Max

LV Handbag and Flowers

Happy Birthday Emily, 4 layered yummy dark chocolate cake decorated with an edible handbag, black pearls, edible black lace and sugar flowers xx

Weston Cider

Henry Weston Cider fan? I think this Daddy will be happy , white chocolate and raspberry cake decorated with sugar ice and cider xxx

F1 Cake

F1 Cake Jenson Buttons 2009 car to help the Birthday Girl celebrate her 70th! Made from carved vanilla cake filled with jam and buttercream xx

Gundog & Pheasant showstopper

GunDog and Pheasant showstopper Happy Anniversary Jeanette and James , and Happy 30th Birthday Megan! vanilla cake with jam and buttercream and a Chocolate cake cartridge bag, chocolate doggie, chocolate pheasant with edible feathers and... More

Happy Piglet

Piggie loving Happy 60th Tim! 4 layers of yummy lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream, topped with a chocolate modelled Piglet xx


Butterfly loving…Happy 18th Birthday Alysia 4 layers of yummy lemon cake decorated with an handpainted edible wafer butterfly sat on an edible wafer petalled daisy!

Bulldog & Japan

Happy Birthday to a big Bulldog fan, who also happens to love all things Japanese 4 layers of alternating chocolate and vanilla cake with a reverse chocolate drip, and a yummy chocolate bulldog topper xx

White Horse

Happy 21st Birthday Brandon Yummy chocolate horse Cakey gorgeousness xx

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cats love wearing party hats Happy Birthday to a lovely lady and her grumpy rescue cat! 4 layered Black Forest Gateau accompanied by a chocolate pussy cat! x

Butterfly Cake Extreme

Butterfly cake extreme! This beauty is over a foot high!! yummy carved vanilla cake filled with jam and buttercream topped with Carved Rice Cereal marshmallow wings (no they are not cake .. just cakey illusion)... More

Beetle Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday Lee! Carved vanilla cake beetle sat atop another 4 layered vanilla cake! Xx

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cats love wearing party hats Happy Birthday to a lovely lady and her grumpy rescue cat! 4 layered Black Forest Gateau accompanied by a chocolate pussy cat! x