Designer Makeup Box

Designer Makeup Box! Happy 13th Birthday Niamh Enjoy 4 layers of yummy red velvet cake decorated with edible makeup and accessories xx

Vroom Piston-Cup

Happy 6th Birthday Archie! Yummy vanilla cake with jam & buttercream carved into a cool sports car! Xxx

Rowan’s Robot

Rowan’s Robot! Happy 4th Birthday This little guy was made using 2 tiers of yummy chocolate cake, all completely delicious apart from his antenna! x

Little Lamb

Baa Baa Birthday Cake , Happy 3rd Birthday Madeleine, yummy vanilla cake with buttercream and jam, decorated with a handcrafted chocolate lamb. Inspired by #EmmaJaynecakedesign gorgeous lamb sculpture xx

Black Spiderman

Happy Birthday Logan! 5 today! enjoy your scrummy chocolate Black Spiderman xxx

Farming Fun

Farming fun Happy 3rd Birthday Billy Dean ! my lovely customer provided the design, I loved creating this fun 3 tier showtopper xxx

Elsa Cake

Elsa cake 5 layers of yummy vanilla cake with Jam & buttercream, decorated with a handmade Edible Elsa, and glittery shiny loveliness! Happy 5th Birthday Beau xxx

Peter Rabbit

Beatrice’s Peter Rabbit 2nd Birthday Cake This fully decorated cake was posted from Wiltshire to North Yorkshire! I’m undecided whether I’ll do it again though, very nervous 24hrs! 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake decorated... More

‘Blue Hedgehog’

4 yummy layers of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered in chocolate ganache and a handmodelled ‘speedy coin collecting hedgehog’ ❤️ xx

‘Bunny in a basket’

Happy 1st Birthday Eloise 🐇 4 layers of yummy lemon cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream 🍋 decorated with sugar flowers, sugarpaste basketry and a hand modelled chocolate bunny xx

Winged Dragon

Happy Birthday Amelia! Who wanted a pink girly dragon sat on a rock ❤️, the rock is a 4 layered vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, the dragon is made using Rice Crispy modelling with... More


Scary teeth - a carved cake velociraptor. Happy birthday Bobby

Eliza the Mermaid

🤍 Happy 6th Birthday! 4 layers of rich chocky cake decorated with sugarpaste waves, and a beautiful chocolate mermaid xxx

MotoCross / Moon & Me

Double sided cake for a Joint Birthday Celebration ❤️ Happy Birthday Grace & Casey! 4 layers of chocolate and salted caramel cake, decorated with a rice Crispy motocross helmet on one side, and the moon... More

Paleo Dino!

Paleo Marine Biologist of the Future! HappyBirthday Rex! 😀 all made using chocolate and sugarpaste ❤️

Football Cake

Football cake , decorated with a Handmade rice Crispy football with sugarpaste scarf xx

Border Terrier Cake

Happy Birthday Alice! Border Terrier lover enjoy your chocolate cake and yummy doggie xx

Guinea Pig Love

Guinea Pig loving Happy Birthday Tara! Textured cake decorated with a couple of the cutest Guineas xx

Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn Happy 2nd Birthday Madeleine Yummy 3 layered Vanilla cake with jam & buttercream, decorated with a handmade chocolate unicorn xxx

Max and Ruby

Max & Ruby cuteness overload , Happy 1st birthday Ronnie x

Mary Poppins

Lets go fly a Kite Mary Poppins!.. Happy 2nd Birthday Libby xx


Dachshund Puppy Cake Happy Birthday Loveday! Layers of Chocolate and Salted Caramel cake decorated with edible basketry and blanket and a handmade Dacshund Puppy xx


Happy Birthday Milo! Sometimes I just love making the cute cakes 4 layers of vanilla cake with Jam & Buttercream decorated with chocolate Skye xxx

Cat in Basket

Cat in a Basket! 3 layers of vanilla cake with bubblegum buttercream, Happy 8th Birthday Gracie! Xxx

Dachshund Surprise

Happy Birthday Matilda! 4layers of yummy chocolate cake with Sausage Dog bursting through the pressie! xx

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn! Happy 16th birthday Chloe 4 layered red velvet cake, cream cheese flavoured buttercream, handmade topper from Rice Crispy and modelling choc xxx

Stallion Cake

Stallion Cake Happy 16th Birthday Tamia! 4 layers of yummy vanilla cake with strawberries & cream buttercream & strawberry jam Decorated using 100% edible decorations including edible fabric rosettes and handmade chocolate bridle xxx

Tawny Owl Birthday Cake

Tawny Owl Birthday Cake 🦉Happy 8th birthday Alice! 6 layers of rainbow cake filled with vanilla buttercream, decorated with 100% edible owl 🤔 made using RKT and modelling chocolate edible bark and floral decoration xxx

Digger Cake

Happy 3rd Birthday Riley ❤️, 4 layered strawberries & cream cake, decorated with handmade chocolate digger and edible rocks, chocolate rubble and cones. Xxx

Superhero Cake

Three tiers of Yummy Chocolate with chocky milkshake buttercream, vanilla with jam and buttercream ❤️ all decorated with ‘super’ sugarpaste faces! Happy 4th birthday Noah! Xxx

Mermaid Cake

Mermaid Cake Happy 8th Birthday Thea! 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake with chocolate milkshake buttercream, decorated with ‘under the sea’ themed decorations and handmade sugar Mermaid xxx

Rainbow Unicorn

Unicorn Rainbow Cake Happy 5th Birthday Eliza! 4 layers of rich chocolate cake decorated with a sugar sweet unicorn xx

Pug in Pink

Pug Cake Happy 15th Birthday Olivia! 1st cake of 2020!! Base tier yummy vanilla sponge with jam & buttercream, top tier rich chocolate cake with white choc raspberry buttercream, handmade chocolate Pug topper and kinder... More

Baby Triceratops

Baby Triceratops Happy 3rd Birthday Theo! 4 layered rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and decorated with a handmade chocolate Dino. Xxx

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet 16! Happy Birthday Molly! 6 layers of Rainbow cake filled with White chocolate ganache, decorated with handmade chocolate lollies and some yummy sweeties! Xx


Rugby Cake Happy 7th Birthday Matthew! Yummy 4 layered vanilla cake with jam & buttercream, decorated with Handmade Rugby ball (its made from rice crispies ), and edible photo of Matthew with his team xx

Rainbow Sweet Drip

Youngest Jennylicious offspring enjoying his 6th Birthday Celebrations with a 6 layered rainbow cake filled and finished with white chocolate ganache and covered in an obscene amount of sweets! Crikey what a full on week!... More