Mr Toad

Hello Mr Toad! Soo excited to show you this cake! Carved rich chocolate cake, decorated with edible news papers, teacup, and a modelled chocolate Mr Toad Happy 40th Birthday Ian x


Happy 60th Birthday Owen! I hope you have grrrreat time at your roaring celebration today! I had a pawsome time creating this tiger All Carved cake from top to bottom covered in chocolate xxx

Cosy Christmas Beagle

AD I absolutely loved creating this beauty for Spectrumflow, this very cosy beagle puppy has written his letter to Father Christmas and stolen a slipper! I hope you are all ready for a cosy Christmas?... More

Cockapoo Cannon

Happy 50th Birthday Rich! This is Lyra the Cockapoo being fired from a Cannon , Rich is an Arsenal fan ( hence the cannon!) also featuring a light sabre, fishing rod and a pint of... More

Howl-o-ween Pug

Here is my Sweet & Spooky ‘Howl-o-ween’ Pug Cake, as featured on the cover of this months Cake Masters Magazine Happy Halloween everyone! Xxx

Little Lamb

Baa Baa Birthday Cake , Happy 3rd Birthday Madeleine, yummy vanilla cake with buttercream and jam, decorated with a handcrafted chocolate lamb. Inspired by #EmmaJaynecakedesign gorgeous lamb sculpture xx

Gundog & Pheasant showstopper

GunDog and Pheasant showstopper Happy Anniversary Jeanette and James , and Happy 30th Birthday Megan! vanilla cake with jam and buttercream and a Chocolate cake cartridge bag, chocolate doggie, chocolate pheasant with edible feathers and... More

Happy Piglet

Piggie loving Happy 60th Tim! 4 layers of yummy lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream, topped with a chocolate modelled Piglet xx


Butterfly loving…Happy 18th Birthday Alysia 4 layers of yummy lemon cake decorated with an handpainted edible wafer butterfly sat on an edible wafer petalled daisy!

Octopus Love

Octopus love! ‘The Cake Decorating Company’ challenged me to create something ‘unexpected’ with their ‘Spectrum Flow Skin Tones Airbrush colours’ pallette, so I obliged with this chap! I love creating the weird and wonderful! Always... More

Bulldog & Japan

Happy Birthday to a big Bulldog fan, who also happens to love all things Japanese 4 layers of alternating chocolate and vanilla cake with a reverse chocolate drip, and a yummy chocolate bulldog topper xx

White Horse

Happy 21st Birthday Brandon Yummy chocolate horse Cakey gorgeousness xx

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cats love wearing party hats Happy Birthday to a lovely lady and her grumpy rescue cat! 4 layered Black Forest Gateau accompanied by a chocolate pussy cat! x

Historic German Shepherd

Happy Birthday Andrew , I loved creating this cake featuring ‘Chief’ his gorgeous doggie, lovely to see them posing with the cake . Yummy chocolate cake topped with a chocolate doggie chief xx

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping kitty cat puurrrrfectly cute, vanilla cake with jam and buttercream. And if they can bare to eat him, the lovely pussycat is made from chocolate xxx


Kanye Koala! Happy 70th Birthday 4 layered Lemon cake with lemon buttercream and lemon curd...yuuummmmm. Decorated with a totally edible Koala and branch xxx

Jack Russell/Westie

Happy 60th birthday Lee! 4 layers of lemon cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream, topped with a chocolate Jack Russell/Westie cross , edible blanket and yummy tennis ball! X

Robin and Seeds

Happy Birthday Mark! Yummy carved chocolate cake decorated as a terracotta pot with edible garden fork, robin, chocolate soil, sugar gravel and edible personalised seed packets xx

Two Cows Topper

Congratulations to the happy couple! I absolutely loved making this mootastic wedding cake topper xx

Butterfly pug

So excited to show you my Pug! To celebrate Sir David Attenborough's 95th Birthday, 57 sugar artists from all over the world came together to pay tribute to his work and personality! So thrilled to... More


Happy Birthday Daniel! Enjoy your Pheasantastic cake , decorated with handmade chocolate pheasant sat atop a sticky dark ginger cake, the gunslip is carved from a yummy dark chocolate cake xx

Blue Tit

Spring is on the way I loved painting this little beauty this afternoon. Blue-tits are so beautiful in our garden at the moment and the blossoms are starting to come out. Xx

Peter Rabbit

Beatrice’s Peter Rabbit 2nd Birthday Cake This fully decorated cake was posted from Wiltshire to North Yorkshire! I’m undecided whether I’ll do it again though, very nervous 24hrs! 4 layers of yummy chocolate cake decorated... More

Stallion Cake

Stallion Cake 4 layers of rich chocolate cake decorated with a chocolate horse bust, edible fabric rosette and blanket and sugar carrots xx

Cockapoo Pup

Cockapoo Puppy in a Basket ❤️ 4 layers of vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, decorated with a hand-modelled cockapoo, edible blanket and ball x

‘Cupid Kitty’

‘Cupid Kitty’ is wishing you all a lovely Lockdown Valentines Day! ❤️ if you want to see him being made please follow the link below

Winged Dragon

Happy Birthday Amelia! Who wanted a pink girly dragon sat on a rock ❤️, the rock is a 4 layered vanilla cake with jam and buttercream, the dragon is made using Rice Crispy modelling with... More


Scary teeth - a carved cake velociraptor. Happy birthday Bobby

Christmas Ralphie Dog

Ugly Christmas Jumper cake for my fabulous brother! I know its January but never mind...he’s still a cutie.. Ralphie not my brother 😂! ❤️ Traditional rich Fruit cake decorated with a handmade Ralphie in Christmas... More


Toms Tonkinese Happy 30th Birthday! 4 layers of chocky cake decorated with an edible tartan blanket and hand modelled chocolate Tonkinese cat xx

Rhodesian Ridgebacks!

Happy 40th Birthday Anton! 4 layers of coffee cake with yummy coffee buttercream, decorated with 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks 🐾 I’m in love xx

Border Terrier Cake

Happy Birthday Alice! Border Terrier lover enjoy your chocolate cake and yummy doggie xx

Carp Cake

Carp Cake! Somethings a bit fishy?.. carved chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache. Happy birthday Harry! X

Guinea Pig Love

Guinea Pig loving Happy Birthday Tara! Textured cake decorated with a couple of the cutest Guineas xx

Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn Happy 2nd Birthday Madeleine Yummy 3 layered Vanilla cake with jam & buttercream, decorated with a handmade chocolate unicorn xxx

Cat Worship

This cake has been inspired by Terry Pratchett’s quote “In ancient times cats were worshiped as god, they have not forgotten this!” This could not be more true in our house, cats definitely have us... More

Pheasant Love

Pheasant love Happy Birthday Andrew! 4 layers of vanilla fudge and jam cake decorated with handmodelled chocolate pheasant and gunslip xx

Chihuahua Cake

Chihuahua Cake Happy 18th Birthday Ruby! Carved Chocolate & milkshake buttercream doggie with Cake pop pillows, and a Rice Crispy Acorn Significant to the birthday girl xxx