Five Tiers, Roses and Lights

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hewitt 🤍🥂, this cake was such a pleasure to create for one of my closest friends. 5 tiers including Salted Caramel, Lemon, and traditional fruit (Made by the brides lovely mum). The cake was illuminated with crystal adorned separators filled with Led lights. Decorated with lots of edible sparkles, edible lace feathers, and lots and lots of handmade sugar foliage and berries! This lovely video was provided by the gorgeously talented Jaz Reader, highly recommended! X

Enjoy this fabulous reaction from the newly weds! 🥂 By the way being called ‘stupid’ by the bride is a positive response!! Love you Mrs Hewitt! 😂❤️ Video generously supplied by the fabulously talented Jaz Reader xx