Cat Worship

This cake has been inspired by Terry Pratchett’s quote “In ancient times cats were worshiped as god, they have not forgotten this!” This could not be more true in our house, cats definitely have us humans well trained, and we are their willing servants, offering you a purr or allowing you a quick stroke as payment for your loyal service. Surveying their kingdom from on high… or as shown in my cake from a precarious stack of old books. The ball of wool and buttons are placed on the board to remind us that the cat although aloof and superior can still be tempted and playful. To create this piece, I have used RKT and modelling chocolate which has been carved and sculpted, and finished with edible dusts and air-brush colours. The piece stands 28” high on an 18” board, and makes me do a double-take every time I come into my cake studio. 😊