About Me

A bit of history……In 2017 I decided to take the brave decision of turning my cake decorating hobby into a new home business!  For the first few years my company was known as ‘Jennylicious Cakes’ ❤️ but in March 2021 I decided to change the name!….unfortunately there has been more than a few instances of mistaken identity!! who knew there would be so many other ‘licious’ companies around the world? I was once mistaken for a ‘Jennylicious’ in the Caribbean 🥰.

So I relaunched as SQUAREHEN!.. , I had fun designing the new logo! The name has its origins in a passion for pet chickens and my geeky personality (don’t ever engage me in conversations about sci-fi or Brass Bands…you have been warned).

I am at my absolute happiest when in my cake studio surrounded by a messy array of modelling tools, paints, dusts and my trusty airbrush. I love to be chaotically creative, designing bespoke Cakes for my lovely clients. With qualifications in Art & Design (I was a Textiles Designer in a past life) I have converted my surface design training into Cake Artistry.

SQUAREHEN is based in the lovely village of Winterslow near Salisbury in the UK.

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